In Memoriam: Jeanne Armstrong

We are sad to share news of the passing of longtime ACIS-West member Jeanne Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong was a specialist in Irish literature and culture, postcolonial and gender theory, genocide and human rights, and indigenous cultures in the American west. She received her MS in Library Science and her PhD in Comparative Cultural Studies from the University of Arizona, and she spent most of her career at Western Washington University, where she worked as a Librarian for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She was author of the book Demythologizing the Romance of Conquest and translated Maisie Renault’s concentration camp memoir, Great Misery.

Dr. Armstrong began attending ACIS-West in the mid 1990s and presented many papers over the years on motherhood and fatherhood, the Famine, women’s poetry, war, and mythologies of the west. She will be missed. Her colleagues at Western Washington have honored her career on their website:

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