We are proud to announce Dr. Shirley Wong as our keynote speaker

Dr. Shirley Wong has a variety of fascinating works regarding Ireland and the connections between Irish literature, art, and history.

Dr. Wong’s work has examined Ireland’s political and economic forces and how they affect the island’s cultural output. Intentionally or not, scholars sometimes treat Ireland as if its place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth history defines all aspects of Irish cultural reach. Dr. Wong transcends such a narrow focus and has lately been using a living, breathing, and modern Ireland in her analysis. Her work includes Ireland’s place as the only anglophone country remaining in Europe, the role major tech businesses have in modern Irish life, and Ireland’s dual role as the center of a diaspora and one of the most globalized countries on Earth.

The place where Ireland’s often contradictory roles exists is where Dr. Wong’s research lies. Never free from the past but always set firmly in current reality, she has recently done work regarding Dublin’s status as a UNESCO city of literature and how Ireland’s economy affects the interpretation of theater and poetry.

Dr. Wong bridges the gap between history and the arts; the past and the present, and the written and performed arts. We are fortunate to have her for our conference in these often contradictory times.

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